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cut me (2019)

As an extension of the Nu’Goo Project, “CUT ME” is a self portrait through which I depict the impact of Western culture on my Korean-American identity. After I printed a macro-scale digital photograph on canvas, I used white acrylic paint to “white-out” the parts of my body where I felt Western culture affected me the most. I highlighted two major sites of impact: Western culture has affected how I speak and how I view the world. As the largest piece of work in my portfolio, “CUT ME” is a domineering presence. When a viewer stands in front of the 50 inch face, they are overwhelmed by an insurmountable feeling of how racism is yet to be solved. Though racism exists in every sense, there is not enough mobilization towards addressing it on a community-wide level. The largeness of the canvas serves as a reminder that discrimination towards the Asian population still pervades Western culture.

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