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emergency kit for when the male supremacy is just too fucking much (2019)

Throughout history, women have been plagued with this hegemonic idea that they are helpless and must depend on men. This graphic design project, titled “Emergency Kit for When the Male Supremacy is Just Too Much”, reinterprets this “damsel in distress” trope and serves as an emergency kit for women. This kit includes common aspects of a regular emergency kit, such as money, band aids, and medicine. However, I graphically altered labels for some of the products to reflect the underlying patriarchy in daily-use products.


For instance, I designed and constructed a coin roll that has the label, “79¢ Not Your Worth,” reassuring women of their self-worth even when they make 79¢ to every dollar men make. Also, the packaging of the emergency kit resembles a condom, with an excerpt from Olympe de Gouges’s “The Declaration of the Rights for Women” on the back. The condom packaging serves as a strategy to hoax the male supremacy and the excerpt as literal directions for women to empower themselves.

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