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analyzing the self(ie) (2019)

As one of the most common mental health issues among teenagers, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a condition where one exaggerates their physical flaws or insecurities, imagining those aspects of themselves to be abnormal. In regards to this growing issue, I created “Analyzing the Self(ie)”, an AR installation created through Snapchat’s Lens Studio, which serves as an interactive representation of how someone with BDD, such as myself, an Asian girl, may view themselves. I designed various lenses on Snapchat that distort and exaggerate various features of the user’s face in real-time. Due to its popularity, Snapchat has become a new platform for broadcasting one’s body image. After making the lenses, I distributed them onto the Snapchat app for a worldwide audience, and also created an installation for interaction in a gallery setting. These mutilated images are exaggerated and perhaps comical to few, but it is a truthful reflection of self-image for those who suffer from BDD.

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