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"i'm sorry for asking for it" (2019)

In response to the toxicity of patriarchy, my series, “i’m sorry for asking for it”, investigates how being a teenage girl in today’s male-dominated society is inevitably an “error”. Underage girls are still attacked by the male gaze, regardless of how they dress or behave. I explore the automatic dehumanizing effect of catcalling through this technology oriented series. Technological advances has only intensified catcalling, introducing a new platform for men to gain pleasure from the objectification of women. This new “platform” I address is the social media world. Through direct messages and public comments, social media has become an extended space for women of all ages to be “catcalled”. In this series, I primarily used models who are my age or younger, highlighting the youth of the main users and victims of today’s social media world. Through this series, I hope to address catcalling, shedding light on one of the underaddressed, yet multifarious forms of sexual harassment.

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